在过去的9年里,我们一直是EWS社区的一部分, and while I have always been impressed with the quality of instruction as well as the focus on character education;  the way that EWS has adjusted to challenges during the pandemic has been nothing short of absolutely amazing.  这所学校展示了灵活的能力, 为了学生的安全和教育需求,灵活和快速地做出决定.  EWS证明,  并且清晰地传达,  specific online learning plans as early as February in preparation that the school may need to close. They were proactive and consistently sought feedback from 父母 in ways to improve the experience the longer the online learning was occurring.  In fact, the grades surpassed the curriculum goals for the year and went ahead in terms of academics!

我们有两个孩子, 五年级和七年级的在线课程包括现场教学, 每一天, 每一门课, 包括艺术, 以及3月12日至6月12日的身体健康.  这包括项目、测试、家庭作业和获得额外帮助的机会.  老师们一直都很投入,随时都能接触到孩子们. East Woods even continued to hold weekly all school meetings virtually to keep the kids engaged in the whole school community with opportunities for students to present material or sing. 我的五年级学生有机会在这些虚拟集会中表演3次.

这些亮点将EWS与长岛其他公立和天主教学校区分开来, 但也, 还有其他私立学校的学生.  East Woods在长岛引领潮流,为学习创造了一个迷人的虚拟环境.  I consistently spoke to other 父母 whose children are in other private schools and the consistent comment was that East Woods was really setting the high bar. 

I couldn’t be more proud to be p艺术 of the East Woods community and look forward to the 2020-2021 school year.
~ Dana Bratti

新冠肺炎大流行导致纽约出现了长时间的居家令, 迫使学校转向远程教学, 导致许多人担心孩子的教育问题. 幸运的是, 我们的儿子在足球比赛押球app上学,仍然能接受高质量的教育, 个性化的, 以及2019-2020学年剩余时间的全面教学. 

这是纽约学校停课后的第二天, East Woods建立了虚拟学校. The administration clearly communicated their plan for remote instruction and it was obvious that the school had been preparing for this possibility for some time. 从虚拟学校的第一天开始, the 老师 and staff were prepared and knew exactly how to handle the educational and technical challenges they now faced. 

每天,我们五年级的孩子在没有我们帮助的情况下登录到他的课堂会议. 他已经提前被老师们准备好了,知道该怎么做. 他每天从早上8点到下午12点半上课. 这意味着他接受了数学的现场指导, 科学, 历史, 英语, 每天学习外语. 他甚至有虚拟音乐、艺术、图书馆和技术课程! 老师们很投入,很热情,而且准备得很充分. 每天都有作业,每周有测试/小测验.

最重要的是, 尽管我们的孩子不能和他的朋友和老师一起在校园里, 他仍然能够每天与他们联系. He was greeted each day in his first-period class by an enthusiastic “Buenos Dias” from his Spanish teacher. As each of his classmates logged into the class they greeted each other with the same amount of enthusiasm and excitement as the teacher. Being able to interact with his 老师 and his classmates on a daily basis made the extended time at home a lot more tolerable.

We’ve heard from numerous friends living on Long Island whose children did not receive nearly the education or virtual experience that East Woods offered. Many 父母 we know we're trying to work from home in addition to them having to homeschool their children. 与东森林虚拟学校, we didn’t need to sit down and teach our child about fractions or the solar system because he was getting everything he needed from his extremely dedicated and professional 老师.

We cannot say enough wonderful things about 足球比赛押球app or the way the school met the unforeseen challenges they faced this year. Whether on campus or learning remotely, EWS continues to prove that they are the best of the best. 这里有优秀的教师,有爱心的管理人员,以及一个由美好家庭组成的社区 .... 东森林确实是长岛最好的私立学校!

足球比赛押球app did a fabulous job with our children during the period of remote online education. 这项技术从第一天起就起作用了. 课程安排和家庭作业根据年级和学科进行调整. 教师们调整了他们的教学风格,以使孩子们在困难的环境中保持参与.

东森林一直忠于他们的承诺,每个孩子作为一个个体. 在线学习对我们每个孩子都提出了不同的挑战. East Woods respected the uniqueness of each child and helped us to maximize the new learning setting. 

与此同时,我们的学校社区保持密切. 星期四有集会,不同的家庭为所有人唱校歌, 学校的凝聚力被保留了下来. Frequent communication from the faculty and administration helped us as 父母 keep up with each of our children’s class assignments and maintain a sense of school community. 我发现这是东伍兹的一个特别之处. 而我们的孩子所就读的所有学校都非常努力, 在让孩子们感觉到他们的社区仍然存在方面,东森林最成功, 仍然关心. 无论是在个人还是在网上,东森林都不仅仅是一个学术机构. 

我们希望孩子们九月能回到教室, 但如果不是因为什么原因, then I know East Woods will provide the best experience so that our children’s education continues as both scholars and citizens.

The most important thing as 父母 we can do for our children is to give them a foundation to succeed in the world. 这个基础包括一定的核心学术技能, 自我意识, 道德价值观, 有激情, 社区意识, 以及承担风险和领导的信心. Our experience is that East Woods has provided this foundation for each of our very different children.

Excellent academics based on a strong core curriculum delivered by outstanding 老师 inspire learning and provide the key skills necessary for secondary school and work to follow. Individualized attention and 个性化的 learning programs can be provided for both overachievers and underachievers. 强调创造力, 公众演讲, 艺术, 戏剧, and sports give children a chance to explore skills and passions outside the classroom to develop 自我意识. 所有职业从一开始就灌输个人和社区价值观. 一个由同学组成的社区, 老师, 父母, 家庭加强了学术, 创意和性格发展, and the PreNursery-8th Grade structure provides a safe and supportive environment for young children and early teenagers to be leaders in the school community without the additional pressures of high school.

East Woods is a place where you as a parent can be actively engaged in your child’s education – with the 老师, 顾问, 教练, and fellow 父母 - that creates a unique individualized and supportive learning environment for your family.

东森林让我们的孩子对自己的能力充满信心, 了解他们的个人价值观, 了解如何成为一个紧密社区的一部分, and to be leaders in their respective endeavors – all of which has helped them transition successfully to high school, 新的努力, 迈向大学和未来.
~布莱恩 & 黛比·斯威尼

潜在的健康, 经济, 新冠肺炎对教育的影响对我来说意义重大. 我们很多人都在家工作, and students restricted from going to school are trying to replicate their educational experiences from home. 比如保持社交距离, 检疫, 脸部的面具, 以前很少使用, 正变得越来越普遍. 居家令、保持社交距离已成为一种生活方式. 在这混乱中, some of our greatest casualties could potentially be our school children who would now miss out on not only their academic experiences 但也 the ever-important socialization and interaction with their classmates.

作为一名职业教育家,他教授和管理了研究生院的所有层次, I have come to appreciate the importance of social interaction and group p艺术icipation in a child’s development. The personal exchange of ideas and thoughts in a group setting is an extremely important aspect of learning. 出于这些原因, when I first heard of the possibility of 足球比赛押球app closing and going to virtual instruction on March 9, 2020, 我很担心.  

当不可思议的事情发生时, 学校被迫在3月10日关闭, 虚拟在线教学于3月11日开始. 作为一个经历过行政分裂的人, 灵活的调度, 修改了日程安排, 我知道在一学年里改变或改变学校的日程安排是多么困难. In addition to changing the schedule, there were technology, material, and staffing considerations. Teachers now had to immediately shift gears and conduct their lessons from home – with a one-day warning. 这种无缝的过渡, 发生在足球比赛押球app, could not have transpired without a great deal of pre-planning and staff development prior to implementation. 而其他许多学校都在争先恐后地建立虚拟教学项目, 我很自豪地说,由于劳拉康不知疲倦的性格, 校长, 我们的虚拟教学立即启动.

正如我观察到的,我儿子的虚拟教学程序每天早上进行, 我的一些最初的恐惧平静下来. I became/was impressed by just how much planning and forethought went into making the program happen both academically and socially. For example, each student in the 上学校 had his/her normal instructional program or schedule. 然而,学生们现在的每节课从40分钟变成了30分钟. 然而, Friday now had a full-day schedule with students having instruction in all major subjects instead of a half-day schedule, 和以前一样.

虚拟教学程序围绕谷歌Meet展开, a video conferencing program in which students and 老师 could easily see each other and interact onscreen during the class. 在大流行之前,每个学生都有一台Chromebook笔记本电脑,用于日常作业, 这将是他们的虚拟教学的一个组成部分. 学生在课堂上有机会与同学和老师互动. 老师们在家工作,照常上课. 老师们提出了问题,然后叫学生们回答. 老师们可以清楚地看到学生们是否没有集中注意力上课. 学生们不仅看到了老师,也看到了他们的同学.


  • 每天早晨,我的儿子, 而不是去坐公共汽车, 他会在电脑前为即将到来的学校做准备吗. 他把书摆出来, 绑定, 他所有的工作都在他面前,为即将到来的课程做准备. 我相信在很多方面,他在虚拟学校里变得更有条理了. 每天晚上都尽职尽责, 他很清楚地知道如果不做家庭作业在学校会有后果.
  • There was a 10-minute gap in time between classes so students could prepare for the next lesson or socialize and virtually interact with their friends. 然而,当课程开始时,学生们应该准备好学习.
  • 一些老师使用谷歌幻灯片作为他们课程的一部分, but most used White Boards for presentations provided by the school to facilitate virtual instruction.
  • 每天布置的家庭作业和普通学校布置的作业几乎一样多. Homework was checked daily by the teacher during class, and feedback was provided to the students. 学生要对他们的工作负责.


  • Students were expected to complete the test during class time under the watchful eye of the teacher. They then took a picture of the test and emailed it to the teacher for grading before class was over with no exception.
  • 除了他们的学术课程要求, 学生们被要求每周进行指定数量的体育活动. Every student was required to keep a log documenting completion of at least 120 minutes of physical activity over the course of the school week and submit it to a teacher at the end of the week.

一些学生的工作是以项目为导向的, 类似于在面对面的学校中分配的内容. 学生们要完成与课堂作业相关的项目. 

  • 项目以个人和小组的形式完成, 因此,学生们在上学期间经历了社会化和小组工作的元素. Much group work was done by students using FaceTime or other means of communication with each other. 所有学生都被要求参与小组项目.
  • Any students experiencing difficulty with their work could easily schedule an extra help period after the school day ended. This was done by emailing the teacher and setting up an individual extra help session on Google Meet. 
  • The 校长 frequently “tuned-in” and visited the classes to observe how instruction was going during the day.
  • All of the academic course requirements for each class were covered during the virtual school term.

除了每个学生的常规学术课程, 学生们可以选择报名参加课外课程. One program called ALPS (高级学习计划) was offered to students in 4-8 grades during the regular school year on Friday afternoons. 几乎, ALPS课程每节持续30-60分钟,内容包括法律, b)金融, c)摄影, d)世界问题.

在夏季的前几周,许多课程也以虚拟方式提供给学生. 我的儿子, 例如, 参加了a)与蒂姆厨师一起烹饪b)西班牙冒险和c)单词类比. 学校还开设了其他兴趣各异的课程.


  • 他被期望保持有规律的日程安排,就好像他在亲自上学一样: 
  • 为了准时上课,他每天早上都按时起床
  • 他吃完早餐,穿好衣服,开始新的一天, 洗餐具, 刷牙, 梳着他的头发
  • 他一放学就做作业和体育活动
  • 为了睡个好觉,他按时上床睡觉
  • 房子内的一个位置被选为上课日, a location where he could concentrate and be serious about doing his schoolwork with little interruption and then complete his homework.
  • 开学前不久, 在自习室或课间, 他被鼓励与同学交往,进行社交活动. 
  • 虚拟学校被认为是我儿子日常日程中很重要的一部分.

在每一个课外班和他的日常学校课程, 我儿子的学习材料很有挑战性, 与同学进行虚拟社交的机会, 还有机会学习一些非传统的材料. The effort and hard work of the entire staff of 足球比赛押球app to as closely as possible replicate a traditional school has resulted in what I believe to be the gold standard virtual instruction program. I truly feel confident that my son’s academic growth is being fostered during this difficult time, 学校正在尽最大努力为学生提供吸引人的社会体验.

Ongoing staff development and ordering the necessary materials and technology updates are preparing us for the possibility of having some form of virtual instruction in September. 我们希望这种情况不会发生,但如果发生这种情况,我们也做好了准备.
~ Michael和Stephanie Allegra

在过去的11年里,我的家庭一直是东森林的一部分. 这是非常精彩的11年. Both my son and daughter began in nursery; my son is now in alum and my daughter seventh grade. 九年的成功、胜利和成长. 东森林绝对是最好的学校,有最好的老师. 我丈夫和我都是牙医,教育是我们的首要任务. 东伍兹的教育是我们所期望的. 我们的孩子比他们各自的年龄都高. 我把这种卓越的品质归功于东森林的教育. My daughter is able to tell us things in Spanish and French; normally most schools would st艺术 such curriculum in middle school. She is able to pick any instrument she wants to play, and she is encouraged to explore who she is. My son came home from a class trip to Shelter Island where one of the 老师 captured a picture of him and his friends watching the sunset! 这象征着学校的温暖,以及友谊的发展. 所有这些都是无价的.

Perhaps just as rewarding as the spectacular education is the social and family environment at East Woods. Watching my family engage in the community of East Woods has made me the happiest, proudest mother. 九年前我做出了最好的决定,把我的孩子送到这所学校. 我每天都把孩子们送去他们的第二个家! 教职员工,甚至维修团队都是我们大家庭的一部分. 我知道我的孩子们每天都得到最好的照顾. 东森林教会了我的孩子们自信、尊重和善良. 无论我走到哪里,人们都称赞我的孩子们彬彬有礼、乐于助人、性情善良. 而父母在这一过程中扮演着重要的角色, 我相信东森林激发了孩子们最好的一面, 让他们成为最好的自己, 在温暖而富有教育挑战性的环境中培养. 这就是东森林所做的... 创造出了不起的、有爱心的、善良的人类.

We are an East Woods family from Cold Spring Harbor with one son in the 上学校 and and two alumni. 我们的女儿二年级时在东伍兹开始了她的旅程, 我们的儿子开始上幼儿园. We have been p艺术 of the East Woods community since 2007 and have experienced the joy of Kinderg艺术en graduation through eighth-grade graduation and everything in between (multiple times over).

Our family made the decision long ago to attend East Woods even though we live in Cold Spring Harbor with its well-respected schools. 参加东森林并不意味着我们不是冷泉港社区的一部分. We chose to involve our children in many activities of Cold Spring Harbor even though they attend East Woods. 他们有很多来自两个社区的朋友. 我们对选择东森林非常满意. 我们的孩子在私立学校的环境中茁壮成长. 他们都在一个小学校里接受了良好的教育, 美丽校园,育人环境. 作为东森林学院的毕业生, our daughter was well prepared for a challenging high school curriculum which by no doubt was fostered at East Woods. She is passionate about science from her time at East Woods and is looking forward to applying to top-tier colleges this fall. 我们的儿子们在东伍兹也表现出色,也将为高中做好充分的准备.

东森林满足了我们作为父母的期望. 这所学校是一个教师社区, 管理员, 以及相信私立学校教育投资的家庭. 作为在东伍兹有多年经验的父母, we feel the school has much to offer each individual child as it builds and shapes them into model citizens.